Review| Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

It’s that time of year when readers delight in spooky reads. Now, I spook quite easily, and in deference to my inner scaredy-cat, shy away from properly frightening novels. However, I do enjoy the occasional tale set in a haunted house. So, here’s my recommendation for all you brave souls hankering for an eerie book this Halloween season.

When Maggie Holt inherits Baneberry Hall, she decides to move in just long enough to renovate and sell the estate. Maggie doesn’t remember the brief time her family lived in the house, but her father wrote a bestselling memoir recounting the house’s violent history, and the paranormal experiences that caused her family to suddenly flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Returning to the home decades later Maggie expects to find nothing that a little labor and some decent tools can’t fix, but ultimately must face the veracity of her father’s claims as the house unveils its secrets.

I’ll skip the detailed review for this one, as I don’t want to spoil the plot. Suffice to say, Home Before Dark dished up just the right amount of spine-tingling suspense to put me in the Halloween mood.

Do you like chilling tales? Drop the title of your favorite spooky novel in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Review| Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

  1. This Maggie character doesn’t seem to have the brightest ideas. If my father wrote a memoir about anything supernatural, I would decline the property;)

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    1. Right? If ANYONE tells me that a house is haunted (let alone my beloved and super trustworthy parents), I am not moving in. Hard pass on living in a haunted house.


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