Review Policy

Congratulations! You stumbled upon the boring details, aka the Policy section, of my blog. Enjoy!


I accept review requests for most genres.

  • I prefer Fiction.
  • I am not interested in reviewing the following genres: religious/spiritual, erotica, horror.
  • I support the LGBT community, and communities of color. Intolerant, bigoted materials, are rejected outright.

ARC Format

I take a photograph of each book I review and feature it on my social media feeds, as well as my website. Printed copies of books (hardback, paperback, or paper manuscripts) photograph best, and fit the creative aesthetic of my website and social media feeds. As a result, I strongly prefer printed copies of books for review.

I am open to reviewing electronic copies of ARCs, if the author or publisher is able to provide a professional quality image of the book cover (such as those used for cover reveals).

Review Content

All of my reviews reflect my honest opinion. Reviews may be positive or negative. If, after reading, I feel I cannot articulate an honest reflection of my opinion, I will not post a review.

My acceptance of an review copy of a book is NOT a commitment to post a review or any material related to the book. I reserve the right to refuse to review at any time.

If you are interested in a review by a specific deadline, please let me know, and I will take it into consideration. Though I attempt to post reviews in a timely manner, I reserve the right to post reviews at my leisure. I do not commit to review deadlines. 

Policy Changes

This policy is subject to change without notice.

Request a Review

To request a review, please contact me.

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