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For most of Autumn, my household has been on virtual lock-down while we battle our old nemesis – Cold and Flu Season. Birthday parties, game nights with friends, and even Thanksgiving dinner, were all cancelled as one or more of us took to our sick beds. You know what I am most thankful for this holiday season? Antibiotics.

Fingers crossed we all manage to stay healthy the remainder of 2019, because this is the time of year when I stress myself silly trying to find the perfect gift for my dearest loved ones. I don’t have time for illness. There’s shopping to do!

No surprise, my favorite gifts are of the bookish variety. If you find yourself doing a little shopping for the voracious reader in your life, I’ve compiled this handy gift guide to help you out. These are great ideas for the holiday season, but many of them will suit any occasion throughout the year: birthdays, housewarming gifts, a little something to bring to parties as a thank you to your host, etc..

Obvious StateObvious State Shakespeare Art Print

No bookish gift guide is complete without New York based Obvious State on the list, obviously. This shop of literary prints, totes, candles, mugs, beautiful books and journals, is a book lover’s dream. Almost all products are designed with a classic contrast of black and white, featuring a wide variety of literary quotes.

A few of my favorites include:

Storiarts Personal Accessories

Storiarts The Raven Writing Gloves

You’ll be hard-pressed to find products more bookish than those made by Storiarts. With a wide-range of scarves, gloves, and other such accessories, these items will keep your favorite bookworm toasty on cold winter days. For the miniature bookworms in your life, Storiarts also carries literary baby blankets and other adorable baby accessories.

Hard to pick just a handful of favorites, but here you go:

Out of Print

Out of Print Jorges Luis Borges Tote

Book lovers are guaranteed to nerd-out on Out of Print’s extensive product line, all related to popular favorites and literary classics: tee-shirts, sweaters, totes, socks, beanies, mugs, journals, pins, and a selection of classic books – they have it all.

A few of my faves:


MokuShop Mountain Bookends

Want to spoil the book lover in your life with something truly unique? Check out MokuShop’s stunning bookends. Your favorite reader is about to have some fancy-ass bookshelves.

My favorites:

Bookish Game Night

Z-Man Games House of Danger

Possibly the only way to lure your favorite reader away from their book is with the promise of an alternate book-themed activity, like a bookish game night!

A few game night options:

For a more extensive list of games check out this excellent post, “25 Best Literary Board Games for Book Lovers”, from one of my favorite bloggers, The Bibliofile.

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods Vase Bookends


Not solely for the bookish, Uncommon Goods is a gift-givers dream. They sell a wide-range of awesome, artsy, unique products. If you go to “shop by interest” and select “reading”, you’ll be treated to a multitude of fun ideas.

Some of my faves:


LoveMaude Bookmark Set

I’ll grab any scrap of paper lying around to save a spot in my book. However, these sweet bookmarks made of felted-wool and elastic bands from LoveMaude might convert me to real bookmarks. What a great design!

A couple of my favorites:

Actual Books

Penguin Clothbound Classics Bronte Collection

The absolutely perfect gift for a book lover? BOOKS! Enable your favorite reader’s insatiable habit by giving them something to read. Find out what books are on their wishlist, and hook them up!

If you don’t know what books they want to read next, go with something classic or collectible. These gorgeous volumes are drool-worthy additions to any bookshelf:

Do you know of an awesome bookish gift I missed? Please share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Bookish Gift Guide

  1. These are such great ideas! Those bookmarks are lovely, and I definitely need to check out Obvious State.

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    1. Yay! I’m so glad you see things you like! You’ll have so much fun browsing Obvious State’s products. I love their stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

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