Happy Halloween, Readers!

Book Feature Soulless by Gail CarrigerAre you a Halloween person? Growing up, it was my favorite holiday. My kids (6 and almost 5) have been so excited for today. Not surprisingly, my eldest chose Harry Potter for his costume. We’ve been reading the books together (currently on The Goblet of Fire), and he’s besotted. My daughter wants to be a tiger. She finally grew into a super cute tiger costume my Aunt gave us little more than a year ago. Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without at least one surprise. This year, my surprise was waking up to a sick little girl, and a sick husband. Trick? Definitely not treat.

For this germaphobic blogger, it’s been an especially spooky school year. At least one person in my house has been sick every week since school started. Honestly, it feels a bit like being haunted by the ghosts of germs past, present, and dear lord hopefully not future.

At least I’m well stocked with books. If you’re going to be cooped up in your house with a rotation of sickies, it’s important to have good reading material (and a Costco-sized supply of bleach cleaning products). On my last trip to my local bookstore (support indie bookshops – they’re the best), I found a super special signed edition of Gail Carriger’s Soulless, with illustrations by Jensine Eckwall.

This book is in the “steampunk paranormal romance” genre. I’ve forayed into the steampunk genre on a number of occasions, and mostly left apathetic. Likewise, I occasionally venture into vampire and werewolf territory. For my personal taste, these genres run the danger of being overly cheesy, and require a suspension of disbelief I have difficulty suspending. Gail Carriger is the exception. This book, part of a series called the “Parasol Protectorate”, are action-packed and quite funny.

Alexia Tarabotti has no soul, which means she can’t be turned vampire or werewolf. At the start of Soulless she is attacked by a vampire, and kills him, and a handsome and vexing werewolf is sent to investigate the incident. Alexia finds herself in the middle of a supernatural mystery, and budding romance. Sound silly? I know. Yet…

It’s a delightful, fast-paced, escape from reality. Really, the perfect book to feature on Halloween. If you’re looking for a little supernatural element, minus anything outright scary, I highly recommend Gail Carriger. This is steampunk paranormal romance at its best.

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