A Fresh New Look

Coffee Then Books BlogHave you ever visited Lake Chelan, WA? I know this isn’t a travel blog, but it’s so picturesque here, I can’t resist mentioning it. We are sharing a house, lakeside, with my husband’s side of the family; 14 of us all together. Highlights of the trip so far: blueberry picking at Blueberry Hills (great spot to get breakfast if you’re in the Chelan area), swimming in the private pool each day, a short day trip to Leavenworth (a Bavarian style mountain town that is a must-see if you visit WA), and admiring the view of the sparkling lake from the comfort of our rental house. It’s so relaxing. I’m lamenting our departure at the end of the week, and already wistful to return as soon as possible.

As if I weren’t spoiled enough by the gorgeous surroundings, my super artistic, talented, brother-in-law, generously helped me update the blog. A short while back I asked him if he had any connections to a good graphic designer who could help me put together a logo. He offered to take a crack at it himself, before I spent money on what is (at least, so far) a hobby blog. Then, he created all these awesome logos! It was hard to pick just one. I think the logo we chose is a great blend of my love of books and coffee. It looks like coffee-stained papyrus.

Last night we tried to put the logo into my old wordpress theme, but encountered some tricky sizing restrictions inherent to the theme. My brother-in-law spent the rest of the evening trying out new themes with me, playing with the logo options, and optimizing my site.

I sure hope you like what we came up with – I super, super love it. He made my amateur photography skills look so much cooler than they did before. Check out that homepage! I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

BIG, GIANT, HUMONGOUS *thank you* to my brother-in-law, and lifelong buddee, Michael Place. Cubano!

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